"This adventure is priceless! It affords a genuine peek into the world of modern Japanese medicine as it is authentically practiced. There is simply no post-graduate comparison stateside that provides as much an opportunity to learn, as does this immersion experience.

Through a combination of classroom lecture with practical hands-on training and grand rounds at Meiji University Hospital, I became infiltrated with new and exciting ideas about the possibilities surrounding the approach of this Japanese system. Initially, it seems overwhelmingly daunting due its comprehensiveness beyond theory to functional application, including everything from the practitioner’s posture to considerations of patient comfort, but witnessing expert professionals artfully practice their craft ushers forth the confidence to learn with grace. I cannot stress enough how blessed our group was to learn from so many distinguished practitioners whose touch and skill was paramount in guiding our own hands and minds to a better state of precision.

Japanese Acupuncture is grander than just another technique. In order to get at its essence, you must have a sense of Japanese culture and their attitude toward achieving harmony. An obvious joy is sightseeing, but the opportunity to visit monasteries and experience local cuisine completed the learning aspect of this tour. This course series has been one of the best vehicles for driving my efforts toward reaching a higher standard of care."


Dr. Roy Page II, D.C., M.S., C.C.S.P.

"I had the most amazing time on the Japan Acupuncture Study Tour! After just finishing my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine I was ready to travel and gain more experience in the Japanese style. This trip offered the rare opportunity to study and learn from some of the great practitioners in Kyoto Japan. We also were able to study and observe at the Meji University of Integrative Medicine which was a great experience. The trip was very well organized and put together. The accommodations were comfortable and welcoming. I learned so much about the Japanese style of acupuncture and gained a greater confidence in my skills as a practitioner. I highly recommend going on this study abroad tour to any student of acupuncture or any practitioner regardless of their level of experience. We had beginner students and long time practitioners on the trip and everyone had something valuable to learn. This trip was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I would definitely go again!"


Dr. Kara MoraMarco, DAOM, L.Ac

"My upper and lower right lips were swollen, burning and pulsating with cold sores. After the initial interview with Satoru, my intern at Emperor’s College clinic, the burning subsided. He hadn’t taken my pulses yet. Though my experience with acupuncture is limited, I was impressed by his style. He practiced Japanese acupuncture.

When I first read about the Japan Study tour, I thought that being a first year student might be ideal but I was living from one quiz to the next and I needed inspiration. A couple of months later, I saw Satoru at the student lounge and I asked him about the study trip. He said it would definitely open up possibilities. Dealing with money and schedule considerations, wondering if I would attend the trip at a future time, I didn’t want to regret not going. 

I booked my flight to Tokyo and I enjoyed the Japanese countryside while riding the bullet train to Kyoto.  People were helpful along the way and I was not surprised by trains arriving on time and by food prices at the train stations and at stalls inside being exactly the same.  . .  Once in Kyoto the taxi driver did not understand my pronunciation but he drove me to the hotel using directions in Japanese that Karina and Dr. Maeda had provided. We “chatted” about facemasks, pollution, radiation, and what makes Japanese people keep their streets clean. I arrived hours early, with time to walk by the river and explore the shopping the area behind the hotel. 

The presenters and the translator, Dr. Maeda, gave background information to make the learning material accessible. Most of the students traveling were advanced and several have their own practices. We learned about facial acupuncture, pediatrics, moxibustion, acupuncture tools, and pain relieving techniques.

Dr. Nakane set us up to focus on the patient, being gentle and intentional. A role model, he showed us how to have stamina for working with patients. After spending the whole day teaching us, he joined us at the welcome dinner in downtown Kyoto.

My mind was blown away at the Meiji Integrative Medicine University hospital: It shares space with a conventional medical hospital; the temperature is set for the patients’ comfort; each doctor has his/ her own needling technique, does his or her own intake and waves each patient goodbye; and they have specialties: pain, pediatrics, geriatrics, stroke. 

I needled for the first time in Japan and I feel fortunate, privileged and inspired by the experience. Arigatou gozaimashita!"


Chelo Fernandez (First Year Student)