Upcoming Seminars

Shoni Shin

Shoni-Shin (Japanese Style Pediatric Acupuncture) CEU Seminar - 7 ceu/pda

October 10,  2015 at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA


Shoni-Shin is a non-invasive style of pediatri acupuncture used widely in Japan, effective for infants, children and even adults who are needle-shy. Shoni-Shin is a non-insertion technique and stimulates the meridians and acupuncture points using cutaneous contact tools.

Clinical Observation
Japanese Acupuncture Study-Abroad Tour 2016 - 40 ceu/pda
March 20-26, 2016


Dr. Atsuki Maeda is offering a study-abroad seminar and observation opportunity in historic Kyoto, Japan and Meiji University of Integrative Medicine during Japan's world-famous Cherry Blossom season - March 20-26, 2016.