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COVID-19: Prevention & Treatment with Oriental Medicine

During the time of pandemic, our office remains open as an essential business to serve our community to those who need healthcare with acupuncture & herbal medical treatment.

​All patient except those who has flu like symptoms are welcome at this time, to boost up the immunity to fight against the virus and stay healthy. Teleacupuncture is also available for those who are in need of treatment but unable to come to the office.​ Please feel free to contact us and see what is available for you to maintain and strengthen your well-being.

Gentle, Painless and Comfortable
(Japanese Acupuncture
& Moxibustion)

Gentle, Painless and Comfortable approach to all conditions

Support your Spiritual Journey
Celestial Acupuncture (Spiritual Acupuncture)

Tap into the spritual plane and support your life Journey

Shoni Shin
(Pediatric Acupuncture)

Non-invasive Treatment for Children

Tei Shin
(Contact Acupuncture)

Non-invasive Treatment for all

XNKQ Instructor Certification
Stroke Acupuncture (XNKQ Therapy)

Innovative and Effective Treatment for post-stroke conditions

Our clinic offers Shinkyu Therapy (Japanese Acupuncture & Moxibustion), Kampo (Japanese Herbal Remedies), Traditional Chinese Medicine style treatments, Shoni Shin and Tei Shin the non-invasive pain free acupuncture and Celestrial Acupuncuture to suit the needs of every patient and every condition for their well being.

Torrance Office

3248 Sepulveda Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90505


Santa Monica Office

1448 15th St. Suite 105

​Santa Monica, CA 90404


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